Submitting to Daddy s Billionaire Best Friend
  • Release Date : 25 February 2021
  • Publisher : Smutpire Press
  • Categories : Fiction
  • Pages : 100 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 9780463764022
  • ISBN 10 : 0463764021
Score: 4
From 245 Ratings

Synopsis : Submitting to Daddy s Billionaire Best Friend written by Lacy Ryder, published by Smutpire Press which was released on 25 February 2021. Download Submitting to Daddy s Billionaire Best Friend Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. This is the complete Submitting to Daddy's Billionaire Best Friend series. It contains all 3 books. Escorting Daddy's Billionaire Best Friend Just one night, that's all... I can't believe what I'd just agreed to. I've always been supportive of Stella being an escort; after all, she can do whatever wants to make money. I just never thought I'd go as far as filling in for her. But, she's assured me that I just need to be his arm candy for one night. Nothing more is expected. Then, I'll get a big payday that I desperately need. When my cab pulls up outside a hotel owned by my father's filthy rich best friend, everything changes. What would I do if he caught me here, dressed like this? Tonight, I'll be submitting to a forbidden billionaire... Controlled by Daddy's Billionaire Best Friend Mile high, in public? There's nowhere this man won't take control of me... I can't get enough of Lucas and the things he does to me. Every moment we spend together is tantalizing, to say the least. There's not a single one of my boundaries he won't put pressure on. Without an ounce of hesitation he's ordering me to get him off in first class on our flight to Amsterdam. If it wasn't him making the command, I'd surely have run for the hills. Is this how the rich and powerful live? Unashamed to do whatever they want, wherever they want? But even that's nothing compared to what he has in store for me on the ground. I'm giving full control to Lucas... Loving Daddy's Billionaire Best Friend This started as a simple arrangement... The time spent with Lucas has been one of the most memorable in my entire life. He's pushed every single one of my boundaries further than I ever could have alone. I've let him tie me up. I've blown him in first class. He's ravaged me whenever and wherever he wants. Lucas took control of me, and he took it hard. But, there's a problem. I never expected to start having feelings for the man, and I doubt he ever expected to have any for me...