Computational Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Release Date : 25 January 2013
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Categories : Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 408 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 9781118483572
  • ISBN 10 : 111848357X
Score: 4
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Synopsis : Computational Fluid Structure Interaction written by Yuri Bazilevs, published by John Wiley & Sons which was released on 25 January 2013. Download Computational Fluid Structure Interaction Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction: Methods andApplications takes the reader from the fundamentals ofcomputational fluid and solid mechanics to the state-of-the-art incomputational FSI methods, special FSI techniques, and solution ofreal-world problems. Leading experts in the field present thematerial using a unique approach that combines advanced methods,special techniques, and challenging applications. This book begins with the differential equations governing thefluid and solid mechanics, coupling conditions at thefluid–solid interface, and the basics of the finite elementmethod. It continues with the ALE and space–time FSI methods,spatial discretization and time integration strategies for thecoupled FSI equations, solution techniques for thefully-discretized coupled equations, and advanced FSI andspace–time methods. It ends with special FSI techniquestargeting cardiovascular FSI, parachute FSI, and wind-turbineaerodynamics and FSI. Key features: First book to address the state-of-the-art in computationalFSI Combines the fundamentals of computational fluid and solidmechanics, the state-of-the-art in FSI methods, and specialFSI techniques targeting challenging classes of real-worldproblems Covers modern computational mechanics techniques, includingstabilized, variational multiscale, and space–time methods,isogeometric analysis, and advanced FSI coupling methods Is in full color, with diagrams illustrating the fundamentalconcepts and advanced methods and with insightful visualizationillustrating the complexities of the problems that can be solvedwith the FSI methods covered in the book. Authors are award winning, leading global experts incomputational FSI, who are known for solving some of the mostchallenging FSI problems Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction: Methods andApplications is a comprehensive reference for researchers andpracticing engineers who would like to advance their existingknowledge on these subjects. It is also an ideal text for graduateand senior-level undergraduate courses in computational fluidmechanics and computational FSI.