Biopolymer Based Nano Films
  • Release Date : 10 February 2021
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Categories : Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 440 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 9780128233825
  • ISBN 10 : 0128233826
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Synopsis : Biopolymer Based Nano Films written by Mahendra Rai, published by Elsevier which was released on 10 February 2021. Download Biopolymer Based Nano Films Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Biopolymer-Based Nano Films: Applications in Food Packaging and Wound Healing covers a variety of biofilms, including active biofilms, nisin-silver nano-films, silk fibroin-based composite films, lignocellulose/cellulose-based biofilms, carboxymethyl cellulose-coated polypropylene, hybrid film-loaded antimicrobials, chitosan hybrid systems, pullulan, and biopolymers films. The applications of these nano-biofilms in different fields, particularly in food packaging, wound healing, and as potential antimicrobials against new, emerging, and multidrug resistant microbes are also discussed. This is an important resource for researchers in the fields of pharmacology, nanotechnology, microbiology, biotechnology, and for clinicians. The possibility of associating nanotechnology with biotechnology helps with the creation of innovative new products and the development of processes at the molecular level. Within this context, nanobiotechnology advances and revolutionizes several scientific fields. In the development of new technologies and products, it is also necessary to develop "platforms" that allow the specific application and delivery of compounds/actives in a controlled, specific and non-toxic way. Covers a variety of biofilms Outlines the fundamental properties and major applications of nanostructured biofilms Associates nanotechnology with biotechnology and how they can help with the creation of innovative new products and the development of processes at the molecular level

Biopolymer-Based Formulations

Biopolymer-Based Formulations

Author : Dr. Kunal Pal,Indranil Banerjee,Preetam Sarkar,Doman Kim,Win-Ping Deng,Navneet Kumar Dubey,Kaustav Majumder
Publisher : Elsevier
Category : Technology & Engineering


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